Friends Of Geode Meetings

Next Meeting September 16th 2019


At out last friends meeting on Aug 12th, we discussed electing board members for the upcoming year. I have attached the board member duties/description as outlined in the bylaws. Our next meeting will be on Monday September 16th at 6pm at Shelter #1 at the park. We'll discuss the bylaws and the requirements of each position and work towards electing officers for 2020 at our Oct/Nov meeting. Anyone wishing to learn more about our group or join the group is welcome to attend.



Copy of
Concession Renovation
Project Cost Estimate: $134,500


The following are some estimates on the Concession Renovation Project;

The cost estimate by the DNR on the exterior demolition and renovation is approx. $72k. This would include complete new roof system, exterior demo cleaning and repair, exterior wood (siding, columns, fascia, beams, etc.), water line to building, ADA compliant sidewalk to building, build up shoreline to building from lake. There are already existing docks for boat rentals that will be furnished by the DNR.


The interior cost estimate by the friends group is at approx. 62.5k This would include :

  • Interior and exterior demolition     N/C 

  • electrical, lighting, phone              5.5k

  • Flooring, walls, celling, insulation, millwork, cabinets, countertops, seating, merchandise displays     40k

  • Appliances                                    4k

  • Rentals (non-motorized)               10k

  • Start-up inventory                           3k


These figures could be slightly lower as we get closer to showing good faith that donations are coming in and entering into a formal agreement with the DNR. They have allowed us some time to get started on our fund raising efforts first.

Concession Renovation Project


The Friends of Geode recently met to discuss the current status of the beach concession building renovation project. The group has agreed to manage and operate the concessions once the building is complete and the lake is back in operation. It will be the group's goal to raise 100% of the funds needed to complete the project as State funds have already been directed towards the lake and campground renovation projects. 

The estimated concession building renovation cost is $134,500 which includes total renovation on the inside and outside of the building, fixtures, inventory and rentals. The inside would have a sit down counter and several tables with views of the lake. Limited food items would be served along with drinks, ice cream bars, etc. The building will also serve as the area for non motorized rentals such as canoes, kayaks, paddleboats, standup paddleboards, etc. and will also have supplies for campers, some fishing supplies, items for beach beachgoers plus an area for souvenirs to help support the Friends group.

With the 2018 lake and campground renovation, now is the time to take action and show your support. The concession building is scheduled to be torn down unless we can raise the needed funds to get the job done. This is a historic building and part of the park's heritage, and it is our opportunity to get it back up and running for everyone to enjoy. Use the link below to make your donation today. Thank you for your support and your investment in the future of Southeast Iowa.